A 16years old girl ifeechukwu from anambra that slept with 52 men in one night

A 16-year-old teenage girl has been arrested along with 52 men after they were caught having intercourse with her in turns.
According to the police, it looked like an initiation ceremony for members of Supreme Vikings Confraternity.
Ifeechukwu is a secondary school drop-out. During interrogation, she revealed that she travelled from Abuja to Lagos just to witness the ceremony and was given a sedative as not to feel the pain while the men took turns on her.
“I joined them three months ago and during my initiation, I was forced to have sex with every registered member of the cult present that night. I was given a sedative so as not to feel what they were doing. It was not easy, but I bore the pain,”
“I got to know about the cult activity through a friend. She assured me that all the connection that I needed in this life will be made if I joined the group. I am from a poor family and I wanted to be the light that will change the situation in my family.
“She never told me that I will be raped till the day of initiation. The day we were initiated, I was the only girl in their midst. Although, I have not started reaping the gains, I was determined to be a successful member.
“I was further convinced to stay because I discovered that they are more honourable than the others. I am sorry and would love to be given the opportunity to go back to school.
“I never knew that it is crime to be a member. I am sorry,” Ifechukwu pleaded.
Another member of the group, Ugochukwu Agbazuo, revealed that they are all undergraduates of various institutions in Anambra.
“Apart from some of our national leaders, we are all students. I was initiated into the cult while I was still in my first year. I had no choice but to join them because of the harassment in school. I discovered that most of the Engineering students in my school were members of different cult groups.
“Again, if you identify with a known cult in school, the lecturers will respect you. You don’t have to buy handouts or offer bribe to get credit in a course. This was why I joined them,” he said.
He insisted that they did not steal or harass innocent people.
“The guns that were found with us were bought in case there was a clash in school. It is our leaders who are all graduates and working across the country that normally assist us to secure the arms. It is strictly for defence and one of the rules of our group is that you must read and pass your exams on merit.”


Nigeria, Argentina clash in glamour game in Russia

Three–time African champions Nigeria and two –time world champions Argentina will square up in a high–profile international friendly in the Russian city of Krasnodar on Tuesday, 14th November 2017. Venue is the Krasnodar Arena Stadium.

NFF General Secretary, Dr. Mohammed Sanusi, disclosed at the weekend that nearly all arrangements have been concluded with regards to the big match, subject to approval by world football –ruling body, FIFA and agreeable flight arrangements.

“We have had long and fruitful talks, and we can say that we have an agreement. We await the approval by FIFA and also, we have to agree on the flight arrangements that would be comfortable for the players and crew.

“The match will come up on 14th November, four days after the Super Eagles’ final 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying match away to Algeria. We had offers from teams like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Morocco but we have opted for the Argen-tines,” Sanusi said.

The Eagles take on Algeria’s Fennecs in what is no more than an academic exercise, at the Stade Mohamed Hamlaoui in Constantine on Friday, 10th November.

Nigeria and Argentina played two high –profile friendly matches in 2011, the first in Abuja in June ending 4-1 in favour of the Super Eagles. The Albiceleste trumped the second encounter 3-1 in Dhaka, Bangladesh three months later.

NFF’s FIFA Match Agent Jairo Pachon of Eurodata Sport, who also organized the friendly matches with the Argentines in 2011 and has been working hard for various Nigerian National Teams in the areas of training camps and friendly games since 2009, he said

“We are very pleased to be able to deliver such a high –profile game to celebrate the Super Eagles’ 2018 World Cup qualification.

“It was a lot of work over the past week but we are happy this has become reality. We will, in due course, reveal the Nigerian sponsor of the match who will have the match rights in Nigeria.”

While Argentina qualified for Russia on the final day of the South American qualification campaign, the Super Eagles have reached Russia with a match to spare.

Nigeria have had to confront Argentina in four of its previous five FIFA World Cup appearances, starting with a 1-2 defeat in Boston, USA in the African team’s debut in 1994. Argentina won another group phase clash 1-0 in Ibaraki, Japan in 2002, won a similar encounter by the same margin in Johannesburg, South Africa eight years later and then edged the Eagles 3-2 in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2014.

Other famous encounters between both nations include two final matches of the Olympic Men’s Football Tournament – Nigeria edging it in 1996 in America and the Argies winning by the odd goal in China 12 years later.

Argentina will clash will take on World Cup hosts Russia in a friendly on 10th November while the Eagles are playing the Fennecs in Constantine

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ODM diehard run over by a car during protest struggling with a broken hip in hospital (photos

ODM diehard run over by a car during protest struggling with a broken hip in hospital (photos)

-NASA supporters hold protests every Monday and Friday to press for reforms at IEBC

-The demonstrations always end with run battles between protesters and police

-Three people were run over by a police vehicle after one of the occupants shot one of the demonstrators in the leg

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ardent supporter who was knocked down and dragged by a police vehicle broke his hip bone.

TUKO.co.ke traced him to his hospital bed at Kenyatta National Hospital where he is receiving treatment after the life threatening ordeal.

In many of the protests, Opposition supporters are teargassed by police to force them to disperse.

Deaths and injuries have been reported during similar events in the past but security agencies have been hard pressed to identify and put to account rogue officers who commit such crimes.

He was among three others who were knocked and ran over by a police vehicle.

He is always spotted wearing ODM branded T-shirts and oranges tied around his head during ODM events.

TUKO.co.ke captured the chilling moment when the man was hit as driver of a Toyota Prado, Registration KBQ 609G, attempted to flee the scene after one of its occupants shot one of the protesters on the leg.

Did You Know? Prostate Cancer Kills One Man Every Hour…Here are What Every Man Needs to Know

Many diseases are known to be responsible for many deaths, but not many are aware of the deadliness of prostrate cancer which reportedly kills many daily

File photo

Did you know that one man dies from prostate cancer every hour? I bet you were not aware of the fact that over 40,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. It means that more than 100 men are diagnosed every day.

It is estimated that by 2030, prostate cancer will be the most common cancer in the world. One in eight men will be afflicted with prostate cancer

In Nigeria, every now and then you hear of someone who just died of prostate cancer. This disease occurs most frequently in elderly men of 72 years and above.

Although we are not keeping statistics for the number of new cases and deaths in Nigeria for this preventable disease, the American example is relevant for us because there are significant racial differences that are negative for the African male.

For example, for the African American male aged between 50 and 54 years, the incidence of prostate cancer is two times as high as the Caucasian American and it is one third higher for the African American of all ages.

For all Asian men, the incidence of this type of cancer is relatively low. It is not known what causes this racial difference, but genetics must surely play a part.

Diet is a major another factor that cannot be ruled out as African American food closely mimics many Nigerian diets of pork, beans and greens cooked with plenty of oil and fat. This is, therefore, a Black man’s disease that Nigerian men should be concerned about.

The prostate gland is a walnut-sized organ located under the bladder, surrounding the urinary tract of men. It secretes a fluid that forms part of the seminal fluid, which is part of the semen produced at ejaculation after intercourse.

Prostate cancer is primarily a disease of the aged. So as men age, they should take note of the following symptoms and if they have them, they should definitely pay a visit to a doctor.

Slow urination: Men should take this symptom seriously, especially when the last few drops do not expel easily. You should also let the doctor check you out if you notice any change in urination as described below:

Frequent urination is another symptom of prostate cancer. Other symptoms include:

1. Nocturia, which is passing urine in the night.

2. Difficulty in passing urine, termed Hesitancy.

3. Reduced force of urination.

4. Reduced projectile pressure of urine (ejaculatory pressure).

5. Blood in the urine.

What causes the prostate to enlarge

Aging, stress, chemical toxins that may be from the use of chemical products like dye, polluted water, and contaminated food, especially with heavy metals; genetics and infection have been identified as some of the factors that can lead to the enlargement of the prostate gland. With aging, there are hormonal changes associated with getting older, such as decreased production of the male testosterone, prolactin ad stress- related hormone will increase with age.

High prolactin level in the blood will lead to an increase in the uptake of testosterone in the prostate gland, which will result in the production of another male hormone called Di-Hydro-testoterone.

High levels of DHT in the prostate gland will enlarge the prostate. A stressful lifestyle also does not help the prostate. This will usually cause an increase in the level of circulating prolactin hormone.

The net result is elevated DHT and subsequent prostate enlargement. Prostate cancer is highly related to genetic factors, if one of the families has had prostate cancer, it is highly likely that other male members of the family will get it.

Frequent exposure to pesticides used on food crops and those used in our homes can expose men to cancer.

We also eat crops which contain pesticide that contain the chemical polychlorinated hydrocarbon, which accumulates in organs like the adrenals, the liver and the prostate and then, become diseased.

Cancerous toxins also exist in some food products, such as fruits and vegetables, large fish and stock fish from polluted fish farms.

Apart from narrowing the urethral passage and reducing sperm count, frequent sexually transmitted diseases from sexually active men may lead to prostate enlargement or cancer.

Eating a diet full of saturated fats and red meat is said to be bad for the prostate as is smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

Tobacco contains cadmium, which is a heavy metal that increases the activities of 5-alpha reductase enzyme. The enzyme converts testosterone to the active form called DHT, which is responsible for the abnormal enlargement of the prostate gland.

Alcohol increases the level of the prolactin hormone. This will increase the level of testosterone intake by the prostate gland, which eventually leads to its enlargement.

How to prevent prostate problems

Early diagnosis by rectal examination at the doctor’s clinic can be very helpful in detecting prostate enlargement. More recently, a very sensitive test has been put in place for early detection of prostate enlargement by checking the level of a substance called Prostate Specific Antigen, which can give an indication of an overactive prostate.

High PSA levels might give a clue to likely prostate problems. It is recommended that one should have a medical examination annually to rule out prostate enlargement.

Men are advised to take multivitamins that contain extra zinc along with Vitamins C, D and E, which are rich in antioxidants. Zinc is good for the prostrate because it is required in the normal functioning of the gland. Prostate secretion contains a high quantity of zinc.

Zinc removes the toxin cadmium and also inhibits the secretion of 5-alpha reductase, which is a toxin. A clinical trial dose of 150mg of zinc daily for two months and subsequent 50-150mg per day has recorded a 74 per cent success in treating abnormal enlargement of the prostate.

Prostate cancer patients have low levels of Lycopene. Lycopene is one of the major carotenoids present in light yellow or deep red fruits and aid the absorption of Vitamin A, which is a powerful antioxidant. Lycopene is found in fresh tomatoes, tomato sauces and pastes as well as in watermelon.

There is a growing amount of data supporting the claim that a diet rich in lycopene may help to prevent various chronic diseases, including cancers of the lungs and prostrate. Other non-prescription alternatives for benign prostrate enlargements are the mineral saw palmetto, a handful of pumpkin seeds chewed once a week, drinking plenty of water and eating a diet high in fibre.

As men grow older, they can actively take care of their health and safeguard against prostate cancer by eating a diet high in fibre. Fibre binds to testosterone and eliminates it from the system.

They can also reduce the cholesterol in their diets by reducing saturated fatty acid found in palm oil and groundnut. Instead, men should increase their consumption of Omega 3 essential fatty acids from such sources as cod liver oil, geisha, mackerel and when available, salmon.


Written by: Prof. Oladapo Ashiru

Diamond Bank, the current employer of newly appointed Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Aishah Ahmad

Diamond Bank, the current employer of newly appointed Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Aishah Ahmad, has given a dodgy response when asked by this newspaper to respond to widespread claims that Ms. Ahmad was promoted executive director on the same day she was appointed to the top CBN post.

Rather than make a categorical comment on when Mrs. Ahmad was raised from her position as deputy general manager to executive director, Mike Omeife, head of media Relations at the bank, merely said she had been executive director at the bank “for a while”.

He maintained that based on her wealth of experience, she is qualified to be appointed to the new position.

Mrs. Ahmad was appointed deputy governor of the apex bank on Thursday, October 5, and is billed to replace Sarah Alade, who retired from the bank as deputy governor (economic policy) in March 2017.

She is expected to assume duty as CBN deputy governor immediately after her confirmation by the Senate.

Until her appointment, Mrs. Ahmad, a holder of Master of Science, M.Sc degree in Finance & Management from the Cranfield School of Management, United Kingdom (2006-2007) and a Master of Business Administration, MBA in Finance, University of Lagos (1999-2001), was the executive director (Retail Banking) at Diamond Bank Plc.

She is the chairperson, executive council of Women in Management, Business and Public Service, WIMBIZ, a Nigerian non-profit organization focused on issues affecting the interest of women professionals in business, particularly those promoting leadership development and capacity building to engender growth.

Since her appointment, there had been controversies, especially on social media, over her qualification for the CBN job.


But in a chat with PREMIUM TIMES on Tuesday, Mr. Omeife said the new CBN deputy governor had been an executive director at Diamond Bank “for a while”.

When asked of the specific date, he explained that he might not immediately have the details but he was confident she had been appointed executive director “for a while”.

Our sources maintained Mr. Omeife “was economical with the truth”.

Checks by PREMIUM TIMES revealed that details of the bank’s annual report showed that as at December 2016, Mrs. Ahmad held the position of Head, Consumer and Privilege Banking. The two executive directors listed in the report are Chizoma Okoli, Executive Director Business Development, and Chiugo Ndubisi, Executive Director/Chief Financial Officer.

Similarly, in its quarterly reports for March and June 2017, the names of the two aforementioned officials remained as executive directors.

Meanwhile, checks on the disclosure platform of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE, for possible announcement of Mrs. Ahmad’s elevation also yielded no result as no such disclosure was made throughout 2017.

When contacted on the telephone on Monday, the media officer of the NSE, Joseph Kadiri, could not immediately give response to the request.

He, however, told PREMIUM TIMES to forward the request to him via email and promised to send to appropriate quarters for reply. More than 24 hours after the request was sent with reminders, PREMIUM TIMES has not gotten any response.

But Mr. Omeife, Tuesday, suggested that disclosure of Mrs. Ahmad’s appointment as ED may not necessarily be made to the Nigerian bourse.

“From the financial services perspective, the CBN handles issues involving people from ED (position) up (wards),” he said.

When asked about the alleged double promotion the new CBN official reportedly enjoyed on the day she was appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari, Mr. Omeife said he knew nothing about such development.

“I don’t know about that; all I am meant to understand is that the president appointed her as CBN deputy governor and sent her name to the Senate for approval. I don’t know about that (issue of double promotion).

“But I know she is eminently qualified to be the CBN deputy governor and I am expecting young Nigerians to applaud her,” he said, in reference to Mrs. Ahmad’s academic and professional antecedents.

He, however, said further enquiries should be directed to the CBN.

But PREMIUM TIMES efforts to reach the CBN was futile. Isaac Okorafor, the apex bank’s spokesperson, did not answer or return calls to his known number. He also did not reply to a text message sent to him.


Many commentators alleged that her promotion to the position of executive director at Diamond Bank Plc was ‘fast-tracked’, a few hours to the announcement of her name by the Nigerian government.

Insiders at the bank told PREMIUM TIMES she was promoted executive director hours to the announcement of her appointment to the CBN position. There was a company-wide announcement to that effect, our sources said.

However, the CBN Act does not require that an appointee to that position must be an executive director of a bank, and it is not clear why she had to be controversially upgraded.

Section 8 sub-section 1 of the CBN Act 2007 states, among others, that: “The Governor and Deputy Governors “shall be persons of recognised financial experience and shall be appointed by the President subject to the confirmation of the Senate.”

Some commentators argue that Ms. Ahmad’s expertise may not be the kind of skills needed at the CBN. She is better known for overseeing privilege banking, securing accounts from high net-worth individuals, and providing private client services to wealthy customers. Her understanding of economic policies remained unclear.

Abdul Mahmud, an Abuja-based attorney, said of the appointment, “That she replaces Sarah Alade as Deputy Governor of CBN in charge of economic policy- monetary policy, financial market, etc, before her retirement, makes her catapult curious.

“With a background in accounting and professional training in consumer banking, you would ask: what was her appointor thinking? She is not a monetarist, there is nothing in her CV that shows that she is nuanced in monetary economics.

“Well, with another misfit, Emefiele, at the helm of CBN, who has been accused of doing washwash -printing more naira notes- an Emefiele-esque Quantitative Easing (QE) -to address liquidity problem and creating the more serious problem of inflationary pressure- a process of policy catalyzation really- you will understand why the oracle has consistently argued that the government projection of the Economic and Recovery Growth Plan (ERGP) to reduce the inflation rate from 19% to 0% by 2020 is a pipe dream.

“Brace up for harder, perilous, and more difficult economic times.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has been updated with additional information

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  Obi’s Wife Reacts To Tweet That Said Nigerians Will Stay In Her Home When They Get To Russia For World Cup

Oct 10, 2017 1:00 PM

In light of the super eagle’s qualification for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, there have been lots of reactions and one Twitter user suggested something that may happen when Super Eagles get to Russia. @coconut_me said wife of super eagles player, Mikel Obi, Olga just might have to house some Nigerians when they get to Russia cause it’s probable that some of them might not be able to afford accommodation there. Olga, who has birthed twins for the former Chelsea midfielder, reacted to the tweet via her Insta-story, as she shared it and wrote; Lol